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Advances in Science and Research Contributions in Applied Meteorology and Climatology
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18th EMS Annual Meeting: European Conference for Applied Meteorology and Climatology 2018
07 Sep 2018–15 Jan 2019 | C. Buontempo, T. Cegnar, T. Halenka, D. Reinert, B. Szintai, E. Gleeson, A. Montani, T. Hewson, R. Hemingway, H. Kootval, K. Lambkin, J. Eitzinger, S.-E. Gryning, E. Batchvarova, M. Lakatos, A.-E. Croitoru, M. Brunet-India, D. Hollis, O. E. Tveito, M. Dolinar, A. Fischer, G.-J. Steeneveld, F. Stel, D. Giaiotti, V. Sinclair, S. Wahl, I. Suomi, F. Beyrich, F. C. Bosveld, S. Carniel, M. M. Miglietta, R. R. Colucci, R. Benestad, A. K. Kaiser-Weiss, I. Auer, and S. Gualdi
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